Friday, March 14, 2008

my hooking bag and KCAL progress report

This isn't knitted or crocheted, but I thought you ladies would like it. I painted myself a bag to go with my blog. :D

And here's a couple of pics of my sweater. I'm calling it the "Knit it Down Hoodie" cause I added the hood to it instead of the dorky looking collar it had in the pattern. I've finished one sleeve since I took these pics though. I'm in the home stretch now!!!


Virtuous said...

Kewl bag!!! :oD

And you are making fab progress on your hoodie!!

Sheila said...

Totally diggin' the bag, great job. The hoodie is coming along nicely and in my favorite color.

KimT said...

THe hoody is coming along. ANd the bag is DA BOMB! You should sell them!

Bev Love said...

Girl you need to sell those bags on Etsy, cause I soo want one. In blue - hint hint. ;P