Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I did Over My Blog Break

Yes, that's what you think it is.

I did a quick run down of some of the knitting I did during my unintentional blog hiatus. Check it out.
Also, I need you guidance. I have decided to save money and time by not going to the hair salon to get my hair washed and set. I was spending way too much - money that could be spent on YARN (or groceries). I got a bonnet hair dryer and some big rollers and my first attempt to roller set my hair was . . . interesting. Do you have any tips, links, sugestions that may help me out? Thanks!


ColoredOpinions said...

You got really creative, lovely blog, hope you don't mind me reading it.

Sheila said...

It looks great. I roller set my hair often, and its less stressful and give the hair a lot of bounce. But will caution, you can end up with too much bounce and apply hair creme and wrapping it will lessen that. Good luck.

KimT said...

love your work. What a great gift for a bachelorette party.

legsnshoes said...

Is that a.....!!!!? I love it!