Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fair Isle Obession

This is what I have been working on, which is keeping me offline most nights.

The Glenesk Cardigan Designed by Jade Starmore

My third Knit Picks Sipalu Bag Designed by Kerin
I love watching the picture develop. I prefer fair isle patterns with the look of tapestry. I sometimes think I was born in the wrong century. I am reading one of Monica Ferris' needlecraft Mysteries, Knitting Bones. It is like sneaking away at lunch time to chat with knitting friends.


Cas... said...

That's very pretty! You're doing a wonderful job.

I read Knitting Bones and I just finished reading Thai Dye. I like Monica Ferris. Have you read the Maggie Sefton series too?

zMaja said...

wow, this ain't easy to make at all! So many strands. Great work (i especially like the colours you used)! Lovely!

Bev Love said...

Sorry I have been away from the blog. Yes I read Maggie Sefton and Barbara Hechtman as well. I enjoy the needlecraft mysteries.