Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Greetings, Ebony Knitterati!

I am thrilled to have found this group. I have been knitting since I was a little girl at my grandmother and mommy's knee. Since I just turned 40 (gasp!) this month, that means I have over thirty years of knitting under my belt. I am a mommy to three lovely girls--one is a knitter. I am a writer, and I work part time in my local yarn shop. One of my essays on knitting was published in Annie Modesitt's anthology about the theraputic aspects of knitting called, Cheaper Than Therapy: Joy, Healing & Life Lessons in Fiber. I love to teach knitting and attend knitting groups in the local DC Metro area.

My favorite projects these days are lace shawls and socks. Both are portable and easy to work on in the small snatches of time that I have available to knit these days.

I guess that's all for my intro. I do have a blog that does have some knitting content: http://www.nubianweb.com/brnwebgrrl

I look forward to meeting you all and seeing what we will do with this new community.