Monday, May 21, 2007

MrsPurls is Ebony Elite

Hello Ebony Divas!!! Its MrsPurls and I'm excited about the opportunity to be apart of this wonderful network. Many thanks to Adrienne and Erica for bringing us together. There is nothing like the love and support of my sistahs. I know there is going to be some great energy over here on this blog so I will visit often!

About Me.....I'm a 30 something diva who loves to knit. I've been knitting for almost three years now, and blogging for only a few months. I'm married to a wonderful brotha that truly takes care of me. No children yet, but looking forward to being a mother one day soon. My love for knitting started as a leisure hobby, but I'm finding its becoming an addiction slowly but surely. I enjoy great convo., listening to great music, and giving back when I can.

Come over to my blog and check out my FOs, WIPs, Postcasts in my ear, and Blogs I read..

I look forward to getting to know you all....Take Care and Many Blessings to you All!!


Erica B. said...

Welcome aboard Mrs. Purls!

Adrienne said...

Welcome girly!!!