Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hello from SF

I am Bev, aka paletpc, and I just celebrated my 3 year knitting anniversary. Like Erica B. I am a craft hopper. When it comes to all things fiber I am bicraftual - I love crochet and knitting. I am a member of the Crochet Guild of America and the Knitting Guild of America. I attend all of the conferences held in Oakland, CA. If any of you plan to attend in September 2007, e-mail me so we can hook up. I usually stay at the Marriott so I can cram in as many classes and as much networking as possible. paletpc@mindspring.com

I joined the blogosphere to participate in SP9 and stayed. I am knitting lots of socks right now as a participant in the Lime & Violet Sock Yarn Marathon, the 52 Pair Plunge, Lace Style and the Knit Your Stash 2007 KAL. Knocking out 4 KALs with each pair of socks I knit; multitasking you know?! http://newbhs.blogspot.com

I listen to most of the craft and fiber related podcasts which is how Adrienne and I became online friends. I hope to make many more online friends through this group!!
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Adrienne said...

Welcome Bev!!!!! ;-)

Erica B. said...

Welcome Bev!

Ida said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome. And just to make sure you know how welcome you are, I've just tagged you!!!

Bev Love said...

Thanks ladies,
Ida I posted my 7 things, now I am looking for a victim :D