Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ballet Tee (Modified)

Ballet T by Loop-d-loop is complete. Its a versatile piece and makes a perfect addition to my wardrobe. I love the clean lines and simple shaping and perfect for a novice knitter. I'm looking to do another one or two in a camisole and/or long sleeve version. I must admit I was unable to grasp the top-down method and opted to work the pattern bottom-up with modifications, such as crocheting the sleeves & bottom band in the terracotta yarn that I had left over from making a knitting bag. End result... totally love it. Thanks Adrienne


Jscothammerquist said...

WHOA, Girl don't hurt nobobody !
Fabulous ! The ballet top is beautiful on you.
I love Loop Di Loop ! I made that crazy sweater with all those dreadlock fringy things and worn it to Rhinebeck last year. Fun.

Do try the top down method some time. I find that I like trying the garment on as I go so I can adjust the fit as I desire.

Sheila said...

Thanks Ms. Hammmer - I checked out Loop d Loop and saw some really cool projects. I was eyeing a book by Coreen L. Marquart - Knit to Fit from Top to Bottom.

Kamika said...

Sheila, I am scared of you! Your knitting is coming along beautifully. Great job on the top. Have you seen the Loop-d-Loop Crochet book? I just bought it and can't wait to start making stuff in it.

Bev Love said...

Ver nice, such a great fit!!

Adrienne said...

Looks great girl!!!