Saturday, August 25, 2007

NC Ebony Elite Meet Up - Labor Day Weekend (Saturday Sept 1st)

~ I posted this in our yahoo e-group & Ravelry ~

Hey E.E. Ladies!!

I have noticed quite a few of us in our group that is in North Carolina in the Raleigh/Greensboro/Charlotte area.

And thought it would be great to try and do a "NC Meet-Up" with the Ebony Elite sistahs!! :oD

Ever since I visited Raleigh last weekend and drove thru Greensboro wishing I had more time to stop there to check out their LYS I have been wanting to go back.

How about a meet-up there at one of their local yarn shops and possibly hop around from yarn shop to yarn shop! (from my understanding there are 3 of them - from Ms. Toni a.k.a. ttdcreations)

So enough of the talking WHO can meet up NEXT Saturday, September 1st in Greensboro?? :o)

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Renee said...

I can make it! Just let me know what time and which LYS.