Monday, August 6, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Finally an FO!
Maybe I can finish my other projects now!!!

It was an easy knitted project!

Come on over to Knitting in the Queen City for details



KimT said...

very pretty

NikkiJ said...

Oh, I wish that I was the mommy receiving this one. I hope she has a chocolate brown baby carrier.

Sheila said...

Lovvvvve it... totally sweet gift and the brown/pink ribbon against the blanket is gorgeous.

Nik said...

I think that this is really cute. Presentation means a lot, and that ribbon adds class.

Carmell said...

too cute!!!!. i love pink and brown. everytime i think of something to make or knit for a girl i always think pink and brown!!! og course my girls always want something different but i always make that the first option... they never choose it! those are my favs for the moment!

BTW that link doesn't work.