Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hiya Ladies

I pass through and say Hola, Hello, and Hi to everyone :)

My name is Patrice, but I'll answer to anything accept Patricia. lol I'm brand new to knitting. Seriously! I started 7days ago. lol I just might like knitting better than crochet. Or not...i'm too new to it to see know any better :p

I make scented candles and soap too! That's my favorite of all the hobbies. Why? Because it makes my house smell good, even when it's a mess! lol

You can see what I've been up to at my blog.



Erica B. said...

Once again, welcome!

PAJNSTL said...

lol.. I know right!

That was my last intro..I promise :P

Adrienne said...

ROFLOL!!! You can intro all you want! LOL, is candle making easy?

PAJNSTL said...

lol.. I think so. The biggest thing is making sure you pour at the right temperture.

and NOT getting Hot Wax on you!
Trust me... Sometimes it burns for days!

Virtuous said...

Pattycake!!! :o)

I am SO glad we can come across each other in other parts of the electronic world! :oD

Too funny @ your intro! Love it!
Esp. how your house smells good even in a mess! Dang! I wish yarn had a wonderful scent to it!

I have YET to intro myself on this blog! HA!
So you did good!!

I hope your needles are clicking away!!