Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Hello everyone,

I'm Susan aka Knitters-Delight. I've been in a fair amount of KALs this year (2007 was my initiation into the online knitting world). Adrienne and I have been in a number of the same KALs, so I was excited to see that she's started this one. I'm a recent transplant to San Diego from the East Coast and enjoying knitting warmer weather items.

Feel free to check out my blog of knits and sometimes quilts.



gold said...

Just blogging around and found yours.I will back to visit.

Have a great day!!!

Adrienne said...

Welcome girlie!

Kamika said...

Hey Welcome! You were part of the Coffee Swap. Nice to see you again.

KimT said...

welcome aboard!

Susan said...

Thanks everyone. Is everyone working on a sock pattern right now?