Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tunic Troubles

I've managed to get in a good amount rows on the Tunic using the continental method. I noticed that working my project using the continental method the stitches are loose so my project appears to have wonky stitches.. (that I'm willing to live with). For the first couple of rounds I did stockinette and honestly it was driving me crazy and switched to garter stitches, which I love. Now the problem is 1x1 ribbing, which I understand is knit 1, purl 1 to end.... I've done about 3 rows and it does not look like ribbing to me... what am I doing wrong.....urggggh! .... please help.


Susan said...

I knit using a modified continental style, which sometimes results in some looser stitches as well. Try wrapping your yarn around your finger an extra time. As far as the 1 x 1 ribbing goes, make sure you have the correct number of stitches. You should be starting each round with knit 1. Do about 15 rows and see what you think after that.


Bev Love said...

It looks like you are doing the moss stitch, not ribbing. Moss stitch is created when on your return row you knit the purls and purl the knits. For ribbing you always want to knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. Purls are the bumps and knit stitches are the v's. There are some helpful knitting videos on www.knittinghelp.com which show you what each stitch looks like. E-mail me if you want more help. You picked a beautiful color and your fabric looks fine. Blocking will even out your tension and relax those stitches.

btw - moss stitch is intermediate knitting

Kamika said...
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Kamika said...

I agree with bev love. It looks like Moss Stitch to me too. Are you making sure that when you start a new round that you knit at the previous knit stitches and purl at the purls? 1x1 ribbing can easily slip into Moss when you are only off one stitch.

When knitting 1x1 should look like this: (v are knits and - are purls)


Moss looks like this:


The reason your stitches are looser in certain areas is because your gauge isn't consistent. It's harder to have consistent gauge while knitting continental. But practice will make perfect

Sheila said...

Thanks... and you know what... thats exactly what I've been doing the. I'd been knitting into the purl row and vice versa... you know what??? its going to be all about the Moss... lol. Last nite I ripped by 2 rows that took forever and thinking about it now... I was actually doing it right the first time... you live and learn. Thanks again

Virtuous said...

Well 1x1 ribbing is a very close knit and is typically used for "stretching" purposes so that is why it still looks like stockinette and it will! Take a look at my shrug on my blog that is 1x1 rib too! Looks like stockinette! You are fine! Just try to get your tension tighter. It will come the more comfortable you get with continental.

Bev Love said...

A little ripping out trick I use, take your yarn needle and a contrasting yarn and go back to your last "good" row of knitting. Run the needle and yarn through the stiches of that row. Either run it through the first leg of the stitch or the second leg of the stitch - but be consistent.
V<-- or -->V

After all of your good stitches are picked up let it rip; pull out all of the bad stitches. When you get back to the good row, place the stitches back on your needles and remove the contrasting yarn. Take a deep breath and knit on.